Matt Shelton’s View from the top

Gazing into the future

Sauntering back form the temporary postal office in Olin lawn, i held in my hand the one box to rule them all. Carrying more parsals than i could manage, i was quick to throw the excess weight onto my bed. Through the clutter of the mail, i found the two boxes that would allow me to begin my adventure and Middle-earth. Armed with only a borrowed computer, the game, and my trusty mouse, i sat into my rather uncomfortable deskchair (thanks Vanderbilt) and began the Epic adventure, Lord of the Rings Online. I came at the game with the usual apprehension i do with most every Mmorpg that i have played in the past, and prepared myself for 2 hours of intense rabbit slaying. But the infamous “Kill seven rabbits that have plagued my field” and “Find my potion, here is the exact position where i left it” were not yet introduced. Quickly choosing a DPS class, I selected to be a Human Champion (the name was enough to instill me with confidence).  I found my character imprisoned in the city of Archet, and a mysterious man helped rid me of my shackles. After teaching me how to walk (interesting because my character looks around 25), he tells me to save a hobbit. This hobbit was no ordinary hobbit, he was blessed with certain knowledge that made him target of the dark lord. After saving him, my mysterious Strider-like ranger friend was attacked by a wraith, and wounded gravely. Gravely wounded, we entered the city of Archet and the normal chain of introductory quests began. Allowing a sigh to escape me, i ran back and forth, from city to a hunter’s lodge, to a farm, and yes, slaying not rabbits, but wolves that were eating sheep. After i hit my quota of sheep, ran thousands of calories off my athletic frame, and talked myself into a politcian, I began to learn of a betrayal that was occurring within the ranks of Archet. Some thieves had planned to overtake the city. While learning minute details through each intro-quest, my destiny became clear. I was the one chosen to stop this terrible occurance. Believe it or not, at the end of this intro, i was thrown into an instance where i was lead by another captian of the prison agisnt the thieves. Naturally, i was taught a new lifeskill, throwing water on a raging fire to extinguish it. Note to self: Right-click to fill water pale. Once i passed the wall of fire (put out with one well-placed water pale), I was faced with my first boss. This intimidating foe was a combination of wraith and human. He reminded me of the wraith who had injured my Ranger friend, and i decided to open a brand new can of Whoop-Ass on his face. Through the battle i spammed my hotkeys 1,2,3 until my foe collapsed. During the battle he brandished a really sweet sword, and i was hoping the whole time i would recieve this “Fat Lewt.” When i went to check his body, i knew something was up. His dead body was relinquishing a single piece of loot, let alone the uber sword i was pining for. The hobbit began to tell me the information the Wraith was after. Just as he let out the juicy details, the Wraith jumps to his feet, Mwhahas, and runs off before i can gank his Uber sword. Thouroughly angry, I was transported to the new Archet, firetorn and battered by the assult. Now the game had truly begun. Impressed with the introductory quests, i didn’t mind the next two hours of Bs’ing. (Bear and Boarslaying).


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