Ah… Back to MMORPGing

After more than 2 years of playing the same game, WoW (a very fitting anacronym for the online game The World of Warcraft), The Lord of the Rings Online is a fresh breath of air (actually its the same indoor air that I played in before… but you know what I mean).  But LOTRO is only new on the surface; i.e. it is a much newer game and looks much better compared to WoW, but it doesn’t provide many noticeable improvements to gameplay compared to the juggernaut of the MMORPG world, WoW.  So far (in all my brilliant 9 levels) the game appears suprisingly similar to WoW.  Many of the classes in LOTRO are comparable to those found in WoW and much of the gamplay mechanics and UI (user interface) are taken directly from WoW, and the quests are no different. 

So far I have experienced every possible kind of quest in my first nine levels; these include messenger quests, grind quests, gathering quests, exploration quests, and lastly chain quests.  Though I do have to say that one of the quest chains that I am currently on has been quite interesting and has helped peaked my interest for the up-and-coming “epic quests” that are available in each zone (place) that provides an actual in-game experience that follows Tolkien’s tale throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The varied quest chain began with a worried father, Cardavor, who asked me to search for his missing son, Avorthal.  At first this seemed like a simple task, but the quests turned into a possible homicide investigation when I found a dead body with Avorthal’s satchel next to it.  I then was directed to a vinyard that had been overrun by nasty goblins, but the quest took another turn when I found out that the body wasn’t actually Avorthal and that he was handed off to the evil dwarves in Ered Luin.  Upon hearing the news, Cadavor tries to mobilize a force against the dwarves, and here I can see a connection between Tolkien’s books and this ficticious world created by game designers, that of the deep-seated hatred and distrust between the elves and dwarves.  I am still on the quest chain and I next have to go and investigate the dwarf encampment north of Gondamon.  I am starting to enjoy the quest lines in LOTRO more than in WoW and I believe this a worthy addition to MMORPGS that the famed World of Warcraft lacks. 

Hanging out on the road outside Falathlorn


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