McLovin’s first week of MMORPG gaming

Playing LOTRO online this week has been my first experience with MMORPG games. I never really had an interest in World of Warcraft, although I had a few friends who did. One friend inspired me to give it a shot when he said that most people in the world would run from his level 70 character, but the game never really grabbed me. Maybe I just didn’t play it long enough.

Anyways, LOTRO has been more entertaining to me than my prior experience with WoW. I like that there is a mix of story-driven quests and side quests, so that you can determine to an extent how linear the storyline is going to be. You can run around and complete all of the side quests or go straight through the story based quests, as I had to do in order to quickly get my character out of Archet for Tuesday’s class.

I have been using a Kamikazee tactic with my level 7 man captain, a.k.a. running into a cellar infested with spiders or into the blackwold stronghold swinging my sword blindly while I get beat down relatively quickly and sent back to Archet. After enough failed attempts, I decided to try something new. I get close enough to an enemy so that they notice me, and then lure them off to the side so that the group doesn’t follow. Then I can have a straight up one on one battle, and this usually ends more favorably than running in guns blazing.

Heres one of the few times the kamikazee worked out:




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