The Diary of an Elf Loremaster by Chris Park

Enjoying the sightsEnjoying the sights

Dear Diary,

 Today was most odd, though filled with all sorts of adventures. I awoke this morning having no memory of events prior to this point, and was thrust into an interesting series of events. I was greeted by a rather pushy man named Talagan Silvertongue, and he informed me the city was under attack. I removed a staff from a fallen elf named Haerandir, and followed Talagan. He showed me to another guide named Edhelben, who led me off in another direction. He led me to a gate with an enormous troll (with an accompanying goblin army) behind it, but luckily the gate was locked and we headed off in another direction. After quickly polishing off a few goblins and dwarves, effectively completing my first task, I met up with Dorongur Whitethorn. Apparently, Dorongur and his party had suffered greatly and I talked to him amidst a group of injured “Watchers”, the guards of the city. At this point, things took a turn for the worse, as a snow troll broke through the gate near the encampment. Unfortunately, I was frozen with dread and unable to do anything, but luckily, Elrond came to our rescue and slayed the troll. We ran up the stairs where I awoke only to see Talagan cornered by the dreaded dwarf Skorgrim himself. Selflessly, Talagan destroyed the temple (the dwarves and himself included) to prevent the dwarves from getting their hands on the relics. At this point, I was teleported to Thorin’s Gate and informed I must meet with Dorongur Whitethorn again.

 /ooc One thing that Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) does very well is immersion. Players actually feel like they are a part of the game following an epic story line. This is much different than the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. I played until level 52 in WoW, but I always felt like I was just grinding away trying to get that next level, or that next item. LOTRO puts the focus back on the storyline and not so much on gaining levels. However, other than a more story focused game, LOTRO is very similar to WoW. The quests are similar (though more involved in LOTRO), the classes are similar, and even the strategies are similar. Overall, LOTRO is not a great leap forward for MMORPGs, but more a different flavor of MMORPG.


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