Thediesel: First Encounters in Archet

As a complete “noob” of the MMORPG genre, I was pleasantly surprised by not only the depth of the storylines in Lord of the Rings Online, but the freedom within the game to play as uniquely as one would like. I began my entry into this vast and seemingly never-ending world of LOTRO, as a man hunter, thinking it would be a good class for someone new to the game.

At first, I stuck to completing several small tasks for the townspeople of Archet, such as killing the howling duskwolfs who haunted Chetwood farm and retrieving some athelas for Amdir (the ranger who rescued me at the story’s opening.)

But amidst my completion of these almost meaningless quests, I learned of the Blackwolds and their plan to breach the walls of Archet. Before I was even aware it was happening, the Blackwolds had begun their assault on my hometown and I was fighting my way through the lines of traitors. I managed to find my way to Amdir who I followed until I couldn’t any longer due to the excessive fire that was devastating the town. I then had to take a bucket from the nearby well and put the flames out, only to find that Amdir was no longer in fighting condition. Therefore, the fate of Archet was now in my hands as I had to battle Eogan, the leader of the Blackwolds, alone. I treated Eogan just as I had the wolves in my previous battles, using all of the attacks I had learned till that point.

I was triumphant in defeating the Blackwold leader and the town of Archet was now safe once again.

 I had now gained access to the rest of the Middle Earth, and traveled to the neighboring town of Bree, the location of my screenshot below. bree1.jpg


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