Killing Dusk Wolves is Useless

by Timothy Patrick Maloney

Though this may seem a senseless and maybe naïve title for my first blog
entry, it actually represents my first MMORPG experience perfectly.
Shortly after my character was created (a human guardian), I found my way outside the safety of Archet’s walls and into open territory. I had read the manual and had my keyboard card (the oversized index card that tells you what the buttons do) in front of me and was ready to do battle with whatever I came across. This, of course, was a wolf, a howling dusk wolf I believe though my memory is hazy. I was of course victorious and set off to find and kill as many wolves and bristlehides as possible. Eventually, the repetitive murdering of weak animals lost its aura and I had lost mine: was this all there was to do?

I soon realized that I was very, very wrong. Once I discovered that a
ring over a person meant they had something they needed me to do for them, a whole world of possibilities opened up. My fear (albeit it an
irrational fear) that all there would be to this game was kill animals,
level up (slowly) and wait for a storyline to magically unfold was gone.
I began talking to every character with a ring over his or her head,
reading what they had to say (and often re-reading upon getting viciously lost), and wondering the vast, new world I found myself in trying to satisfy their requests of me. Upon completing my first big quest, saving Archet from the Blackwold, the world I could roam only grew, and I can only hope it keeps growing.

Screenshot caption: A spinner disturbed my swim and paid the price.