My Gaming Life

       I had very little gaming experience up until my sophomore year in high school.  My first exposure to real gaming started when Call of Duty came out.  My friends and I used to play against each other or on teams, but our goal was always to beat someone else.  It was another way in which we could compete against our friends and prove our dominance and skill.  We would switch between FIFA and Call of Duty but always the joy came from winning a competition.  Luckily for me, I asked my friend if I could try the single player part of Call of Duty, and I became hooked to the history, the story telling, and the interaction I got from the different missions, or quests, my character went on during the game.  I felt as if I was living WWII.      

       Now, I cannot say that I do not like to play games for competition, but rather, I like to play games for two different reasons.  I can compete against my friends in a game when they are standing in the room with me, or I can play from far away via the Internet.  In fact, this has become one of the ways I am able to keep in touch with one of my friends who is now going to school at USC; we play a game of Resistance every weekend.  The second reason I play video games is to get caught up in the world that the game takes me in.  For me, it is like reading a book and actually interacting in the world I am reading about.       

       I do have to admit that sometimes I get so caught up in my gaming world that I will forget to something in the real world I am living in, whether it be something like taking out the trash or going on a date.


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