I’m a gamer.

I’m a gamer. Always have been, always will be.  Gaming doesn’t really fit into my life; my life fits into gaming.  I have grown up playing all types of video games.  When I was young, my mother always tried to regulate my playing of games to a couple of hours a day, but I played longer anyway (I know, what a rebel I am).  I remember one time I got in trouble for something, so my punishment was that I could not play any video games for a weekend.  I honestly forgot that I wasn’t allowed to play, so when my mother came home from work that day, I was playing Cool Spot with our housekeeper. 

They say that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping.  I would say I have spent 1/8 of my life so far playing video games.  I am now going to split my life in two, that time before I came to Vanderbilt and the short time I have been here.  Before I came, gaming pretty much had a tight hold on me.  In the summer before senior year, some days I would wake up and start playing a video game, then play until I went to bed late that night, taking breaks to eat. I went out and everything; I mean, I don’t think that it really affected my social life (I never skipped a party because I needed to level my character — not that you should care).  When I played “social games” i.e. multiplayer same-console games, I usually had a friend that was obsessed with the game right there with me.  When I played single-player or pc games was when I just sat there for hours on end.

Nowadays, at Vanderbilt, I don’t really play too many video games.  I can go days without playing one (really on the wagon, I know).  Video games, one would think, are fading from my life as it is.  This, however, is not the case come September 25th (mad props, Bungie). 

Okay, now that I have finished the class part of my blog, I will bore you with some of the video games that I have been obsessed with over the years.  The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (beat it 19 times so far), Halo, Halo 2, Diablo II, Fireteam, Starcraft, Final Fantasy Tactics, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Goldeneye, Nox, Elder Scrolls III and IV, Guitar Hero II, Hunter: The Reckoning, any other Zelda besides A Link to the Past, Frogger (for PS), Mario anything, Age of Empires II, Command and Conquer. Anyway, I’m a gamer and those are some of my games.



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