Me, Myself, and WoW


No matter how much I try to hide it or deny it, gaming is a BIG part of my life and, as a result, it fits into a lot of other aspects of my life.  I’ve been playing games ever since I could hold a game controller or type on a keyboard.  Everything from Super Mario on Super Nintendo to the Halos on XBOX 360, I’ve played them all and definitely enjoyed them too.  Don’t get me started on computer games; they get me addicted to a point where I can’t even stop playing (e.g. WoW).


Whether you choose to look at console or computer games, it doesn’t make much of a difference, as both have had massive impacts on my life.  For one thing, I would’ve been to a whole lot more parties instead of having to raid Karazhan or farm PvP Honor with my guild/pre-made groups.  I would’ve even had more time to spend with the gf, who simply despises World of Warcraft.  She once stopped talking to me for about a week after I chose to play WoW over going out with her.  But even after taking into account all the lost time that I could have spent with my friends, I have observed many positive effects that being a hardcore gamer entails.  And it is precisely these effects on me that stand to show how gaming has shaped itself to fit into many other facets of my life.


In Kuwait, my habitual gaming had an effect on my academic performance.. in a good way, actually.  My vocabulary and English skills improved dramatically and I only have WoW’s clever and creative quests to thank. That’s not to necessarily say that gaming has easily fit into the rest of my life, because it most certainly hasn’t.  There aren’t enough hours in the day for a regular human being to excel at school and in gaming, while also successfully obtaining enough sleep to properly function.  That’s why I had to sort of squeeze gaming in with everything else and make sure my time was juggled around as efficiently as possible.  Gaming has taught me and enabled me to practice the art of time-management, which I believe to be a very valuable skill in life, both in college and beyond.  As for my time at Vandy, I haven’t been here long enough to observe how smoothly gaming is going to fit in with the rest of my activities.  Although the high speed internet is a welcome change from my 800 ping back in Kuwait, I also think that enrolling in the Worlds of Wordcraft seminar has been a pretty darn good first step.

– Jonathan (Doxx)


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