A Tolkien Style

Many authors have tried to replicate the magic that Tolkien brought to the world when he began to write his fantasy novels. It is not surprising though, that they can not even come close to the literary genious that Tolkien is so gifted with. I know that every time I open up one of his books to immerse myself in the fictional world that he has so richly painted in his writing, I ask myself how did he do it? This question however, is an impossible one to answer. There are so many people who go to school to become authors and devout their lives to writing and studying the literary style. What there are so few of, are those like Tolkien, that have the natural ability to create a piece that stuns everyone who reads it. I know of many stories and books that people have discussed and have had mixed opinions about. For example, not everyone is a Stephen King fan. He is an incredibly well respected author and his work is indeed wondrous. However, Tolkien has written something, I’m not sure that anyone has said “I didn’t like that”. Of course my opinion may be invalid, due to the lack of participants in my poll, but anyone who picks up a copy of Lord of the Rings, I can assure you, will enjoy it as a story to read. So where did Tolkien think up such an amazing story and imagine an entire world with thousands of characters and character races? How did he tie them all together? How was he able to name hundreds of places and draw such refined and detailed places that only exist in his mind? Once again, these questions can not be answered. Perhaps it is because of this that makes his stories so unique. It is very difficult to pick apart Tolkien’s novels as having religious connotations to them or finding the “christ figure” in the story, or finding where in history might his fiction arise from. It is the purity and freshness of Tolkien’s writing that makes his pieces so easy to enjoy and indulge oneself with a fulfillment adventure. His vividly described settings and the unique personalities of his characters, will continue to impress all who meet them in their paths for as long as reading exists.

— Ted Gargano


One thought on “A Tolkien Style”

  1. I agree that Tolkien made this genre much more accessible to the general public. References and ideas about orcs go far back beyond the 1950s. I just referenced ORC in the OED, and it has citations back to 1527.

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