Today in class we talked about the old painting of a church and the digital remake of the church in a video game.  The painting used perspective as a way to immediate the painting, and the video game took perspective and expanded on it.  The video game allows someone to walk around and view the church from many different view points.  Furthermore, a character is able to interact within the environment around him.  They player can sing, dance, talk to other players.  What a player can do is only limited by what the video game designers have come up with.

The video game is a remediation of the painting, and because of this, the video game is a better representation of the church.  So, if a game designer were to remediate the game, he would make a better representation of the church.  Let’s say that the designer makes it so a player can touch the church.  This new video game is better than the original game, but it is still not as good as being in the church.  We can even go as far as saying a designer is able to create an intricate system that allows a person to feel as if they were in the church; the person has the same limitations in the system as they do in real life.  This is a remediation of the video game, but is it just as good as being in the church in the real world?  Although some may think the answer is yes, I believe it is not so because one feels the wires and the weight of the virtual reality head-display, and he knows the world he is not real.

Can a form of media be remediated to the point that it becomes the real thing?  Well, lets pretend that hundreds of years from now, somebody is able to create lens allows a person wearing it not to feel that it is over his eyes.  This lens is able to give the wearer his six senses but in any world the wearer of the lens wants to go.  The only problem is that the person decided to put the lens on so he knows that the worlds he are in are not real.  I argue that there is a limit to remediation.  One can only make something better to the point just before it becomes real.  But, this also leaves me with the question: “Is the world we live in a medium, and can we somehow change is so it becomes a better representation of the world it is representing?”