Billy vs Steve: The Real Winner


Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed the movie and it was a pleasant diversion from the numerous books that I normally don’t understand (for the most part). I thought the movie was actually pretty funny, especially for being a true story, though I think the directors could have done a lot more with it to spice it up a bit. Of course many will argue that the movie just followed the stereotypical rivalry formula (from popular movies such as Rocky) and it wasn’t that interesting, but I enjoyed it.

One question I would like to raise though is who was the real winner in this movie and afterwards? On one hand, we have Billy Mitchell: videogame legend who has his name in more videogame high score books than anyone around. Although he ended up being defeated, he still has second place in Donkey Kong, first place in a couple other games, and is on the record for numerous other games. Plus, at the end of the day who’s more recognizable as a household name: Billy Mitchell or Steve “no-name” Wiebe? I think the answer is clear especially since Billy has a smokin’ hot suga momma. In the aftermath of  the movie, Steve didn’t even have his Donkey Kong title as Billy Mitchell wrenched it from his hands by only a couple thousand points.

The director clearly had other ideas for this movie, as Billy Mitchell was portrayed in a negative light. Throughout the movie, Billy was captured in his worst (or best depending on how you look at it) moments. Quotes such as “Whatever I say is going to be controversial, kind of like the abortion issue” come to mind. After a movie like that, who could like Billy Mitchell? Especially in America where many movies are based on the classic “come from behind victory” theme.

However, that’s not to say Steve Wiebe was a bad guy. In fact, he was a nice guy with a family and kids. Steve fulfilled the role of the average joe who had the courage to challenge one of the biggest names in competitive videogaming. And to top it all off, in the end he won! Through sweat, tears, and wiping his kids’ bottoms Steve Wiebe prevailed and was immortalized in videogaming history. Before Steve’s record, no one was within hundreds of thousands of points of Billy Mitchell, but now someone actually chumpitized him. This is no small feat for anyone, but to see it be done by an average person really helps people relate. This is one of the main reasons people tended to side with Steve over Billy.

Who is the real winner in the competition? Well I can’t make that call because it really depends on how you look at it. Steve Wiebe is a nice guy with a family, who played his heart out, and still holds the second place record for Donkey Kong. Billy Mitchell on the other hand, holds more competitive videogaming records than anyone in history (and still has his smokin’ hott suga momma). So whether you’re looking for a deep movie about an intense rivalry, or just so cheap laughs, I’d recommend King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.


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