Tech and Rise

Today’s technology, has had a tremendous impact on society. Obviously, the newest and the best of today’s technology, seems to be limited to the government and is most clearly depicted in “security”. Every day, technology scientists are working to improve the sense of security of our nation,by implementing “super duper x-ray 3000” machines. Do not quote me on the actual name of the technology, but one can easily infer by watching the news that safety improvements are the pinpoint of advertisement in most places. Those of you who have traveled through the airport know exactly what I am talking about. Also, if you have had the time to watch even ten minutes of television, you are bound to come across an advertisement for some car company claiming to have the “safest vehicle in its class”. “Dual front and side impact airbags”, “5 star rollover rating”, and even accident prevention through sensors in the car’s exterior that let the driver know when danger is approaching. I expect to see sensors placed in the asphalt of streets along the shoulder and center divide, as well as at intersections and street corners that cooperate with sensors linked to a computer in your car which will lead to an “auto pilot” feature in the near future. Accidents will be a thing of the past. As clearly as technology’s rise is portrayed in our world as limited to those with infinite amounts of money, in fact, technology is becoming more affordable to the general public.

One who attends the Worlds of Wordcraft Class might say, “yeah but our classroom had to have cost like a bagillion dollars”, I am sure it probably was up in the “expensive” category, but I am also sure it wasn’t a “bagillion” dollars. Maybe our classroom is the reason why we pay (insert actual amount here) per year in tuition, but these technologies are providing today’s students with hundreds of new medias to learn from. In the previous world, everyone in the class sat in his desk while the professor lectured and each of the students took notes on paper. How archaic? How disgusting? Now, with the implementation of “The Smart Board” in our class, students can and certainly have, engaged in class participation more while contributing to the notes that can be recorded on the smart board. These notes can then be distributed freely to anyone with access to the internet. In addition, transformation from limited internet access to a completely wireless campus, has enable each student in our class to access the internet and share a possibly valuable aid to class discussion, in under one minute. This might have taken hours of preparation and searching in the library for similar information in times past. I can personally attest to this fact as evident by the discussion on Immediation, and Hypermediacy just a few classes back.

Although the best and newest technologies may be somewhat limited to those with financial stability, computer companies are teaming up to develop programs such as “The 100 Dollar Laptop” that make technologies available to those less fortunate, at an affordable price. Millions of these “cheap” laptops will be shipped to countries in Africa, and other third worlds in an effort to aid learning abroad. Check out this link which offers an interesting view on the rise of technology in today’s society >> (2020 is the most relevant)… I am sure that in the future, technology will continue to aid learning. With the input of some effort of those who use these new technologies, it is without question that digital learning will be the way of the future.

— Ted Gargano

One thought on “Tech and Rise”

  1. Even today .. the future is here.. the internet has fundamentally changed the way people acquire knowledge and fact check their world. I don’t know anyone but the most technophobic who don’t start their searches for new knowledge or fact verification using a search engine.

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