Spudmonkey’s take on: The Podcast

There are a lot of elements of technology that have been integrated into our Worlds of Wordcraft class. It was to be expected. These high-tech things all work pretty well, or as well as they should. Sure, the multiple screens in class let us see a number of different film clips, books, internet articles at once. Yes, the digital dropbox eliminates the possibility of losing a hard-copy of a paper (and excuses of a printer not working). And of course, bringing our computers to class allows us to access most of the course material, and LOTRO, conveniently and from our own seats. However, there is one technological enhancement that we use every day in class that I had not foreseen would be so very helpful – the podcast.

I listen to quite a few podcasts, as I’ve discussed in a previous blog entry. I enjoy having noise in the background whenever I am doing something, especially playing LOTRO. So, programs like WebbAlert, 1UP Yours, Gamespot’s The Hotspot, and many more fill the air whenever I’m in my dorm room. I get updated on news and events from around the technological community. I’ve even recently started to listen to NPR podcasts, which provide me with amazing coverage of current social and political events around the world. Needless to say, podcasts are a pretty big part of my free time.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when I found out in the first day of class that we would be recording every session of our class to distribute on iTunesUniversity as a bi-weekly podcast. I was pretty happy, because it meant that I wouldn’t necessarily have to take tedious notes in class anymore. I am a very auditory learner, and in some classes where I’m forced to take notes all class (essentially writing down what the professor is saying, verbatim) I tend to do poorly because I tune out and get into a mode where I just write. With a podcast that I can listen to in order to review what was said in class, I can avoid that problem all together! I listen to every podcast at least once, but it was even more handy to me last week when I missed a class. I think that every class in college should have a podcast.  There would at least be one person who would appreciate it!

(Having said all of this, there is one thing I would like to say about the Worlds of Wordcraft podcast. The intro music is kind of weak. It’s not awful, but I just feel like we could probably have a legitimate intro song. I’m in a song writing class, and as such have to write 10 songs this semester. I would actually like to write a theme song for the class, even if we don’t use it for the podcast, as one of those songs. I just brought down my recording equipment from home two weeks ago, too – so it would be very possible. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, like a genre of music for it or a tagline for the class, I’d love the feedback.)


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