Technology Cannot Beat Simplicity

I have never been in a room with so much technology.  We have electronically rolled down black out screens, a smart board, a projector, a flat screen, and some device that projects images onto the smart board, and most of what I have mentioned is controlled with a touch screen remote.  There is probably more stuff in that room that I don’t even know about.


We have to experience everything through new mediums.  There are no more chalk board or even dry erase boards, instead we have smart boards, and the only time we used paper was during a quiz when someone forgot to bring their laptop.  Peer editing now takes place through Gmail, and I no longer have to print out my paper to turn it in.  But with all the new media comes a learning process.  It was very difficult for me to work with Gmail to edit my peer’s paper, and it is sometimes hard for our professors to get all of the technology to work as fast as we want it to. 


Despite the complications, the technology opens up learning in a completely different way than before.  The students are passively engaged to the discussion topic on the internet from their lap tops, while the discussion takes place amongst the students, and the professor shows us something on the projection screen.  Also, a student can put what they have on their screen on the board when they find something that relates to the topic on the internet, instead of having everybody try to find it on their own computer.  The Gmail editing is confusing, but I can see how it will facilitate the editing process in the future.  In fact, I have suggested to my dad that he use it for his business documents.   


The technology really allows me to get the information that I need in a timely manner.  I appreciate being able to view information through different medias, and I value all the ways I can communicate with my professors and students ( Facebook, phones, e-mail, Gmail, LOTRO, TXT message, etc…)  Nevertheless, the technology makes me grateful for the simplicity of a book.  With all the new technology coming out, you cannot replace plain old paper and ink.  Trying to read a book on a computer screen would be too difficult.  I enjoy being able to pick up a book and read it without having to turn on a computer, wait for it to boot up, click on the internet, wait for it to load, go to a web page, remember user name and password, wait for it to load and so on and so on.  While technology may fail, a book cannot.



One thought on “Technology Cannot Beat Simplicity”

  1. Good observations about the potential for technology to fail. It seems that whenever you really need it, it has an error! New modes of collaboration are going to be a part of your life in future — particularly in business and leadership. Although it seems like a lot, this only scratches the surface as to how collaboration in large, geographically dispersed organizations will collaborate in future.

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