Final Fantasy VII The Greatest Story Ever Told

To those who loved this world

And knew friendly company therein:

This Reunion is for you.

-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


Wow… Final Fantasy VII, now that brings back some good memories. FFVII was the first RPG that I ever played and it is the game that got me hooked on such an amazing genre of video games. It was in fifth grade when one of my friends told me about the final fantasy series. He owned a Playstation 1 and told me all about FFVII, the amazing graphics, the amazing music, and the even more amazing story.

At first I was intrigued but didn’t seriously consider buying a PS1 (which was expensive in 1999). I ended up asking for one for the holidays and got it. At this time pizza hut had a campaign going with Sony where if you bought a pizza you could get a free PS1 disk with several game demos on it, including Final Fantasy VIII (another amazing game). I played the demo of FFVIII over and over and over, it was incredible. I knew then that I had to get these games. I first got FFVII for Hanukkah, but then I had no memory disk to save my game to. I begged and begged my parents to let me have the save card early and I got it when visiting my grandmother. From then on I played Final Fantasy like no one’s business. Even though this occurred 8 years ago it has all been burned into my memory, It was such an exciting time in my life that I can remember ever single detail (this is only just a little bit) and I remember every single part of the game crystal clear.

I started with FFVII then FFVIII and then FFIX when it came out shortly before the summer. FFIX was the last FF game made for the PS1 and so after that I moved down in number. I am an avid collector of these games and own almost every single FF game in existence. I own FFI, FFII, FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, FF Legends (1,2,3), FF Tactics, and FF Tactics Advance. I also own most, if not all, of the soundtracks as well (Nobuo Uematsu is amazing).

As you can tell I’m kind of a fanatic. So when I heard FFVII: Advent Children was coming out I was excited, this was the sequel that I have been waiting for. Although not a true sequel, as it is just a 1 hour and 41 minute movie, I was still eager. The first time I watched it I was quite disappointed (The Japanese are so crazy) but after re-watching the movie this morning I definitely enjoyed it. It brought back all the great memories of my elementary school and middle school days. Although the story from the movie is directly linked to the game it could stand alone as its own narrative.

The movie definitely held true to the Final Fantasy VII world (unlike Final Fantasy Spirits Within, which was really random). The music was directly taken from the game and was pretty much the same (only a little bit touched up, not so much synthesizer). The entire original cast returned including Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, Red XIII, Vincent, Sith Caith, Cid, Yuffie, Aerith, and the evil Sephiroth. Seeing all these characters again was an awesome experience. Although not a masterpiece (it looked amazing but the story didn’t pull me in like the 65 hours I devoted to FFVII) what it did for me was much more important. It allowed me to relive my younger days and I think that is why so many people were excited about this movie. Right now I have the strongest desire to get my Playstation from home and replay FFVII, the movie spiced the series up for me again and now I can’t help but want those moments back.



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