Mortal Kombat

Everyone knows that Mortal Combat is a popular arcade style game, where two characters fight using ninja and supernatural skills.  But, is it worth it to create more out of this classic game?  Unfortunately, movie producers decided to come up with a movie version of the game.  I must say that this is the only movie that I have watched that was based on a video game, and if this is the quality of all other movies of its kind, then I don’t have any incentive to watch others.  It was obvious that the movie writters made up a random stroy about what they thought the video game’s plot was.  The problem that I see is there is not enough story lines in old video games to create a movie out of it. The story line of the movie is somewhat enjoyable; however, it is, to say the least, cheesy and the plot moves way too quickly.  Despite the terrible acting, the characters go from not caring about saving earth to compassionate and willing to do anything to save the world.  The three main characters are told that they are no ready to compete in mortal kombat and must train; however, there is no passing of time.  One minute they are not ready to fight an then a day later they have miraculously overcome their downfalls.

Even though Mortal Kombat is a cheap movie, the real problem lies in the video game.  Mortal Kombat too simple to be made into a movie; the game does not provide enough basis to be made into a movie.  It is fair to say that after watching the movie it becomes more fun to play the game but not the other way around.  I beleive you cannot make any video game into a good movie.  The Epic Quests in LOTRO are only fun because they represent scenes from the Lord of the Rings movies.  I, playing as Culthir, can imagine myself being Legolas shooting enemies with my bow and arrow.  If WOW were made into a movie, I would say that that movie is going to be terrible.  WOW players already have a picture of what they think their character would be like in real life, and any movie would try to make a person change their image of their character.



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