Video Games vs. Rock and Roll?

Upon first examination of the two subjects, one would say to himself, “what could they possibly have in common?”  Indeed this is a very difficult subject to touch upon, but I did notice one obvious similarity.  Rock and Roll and video games both came onto the scene in the early fifties.  If we further examine their relation on the time line, we can see that the first video gamers,  were more than likely fans of rock and roll.

Of Course gaming was more catered towards men for the simple reason that the majority of women can’t seem to find the social value of gaming, and unlike in todays world of mmorpg dominance when games first came out, there was no way to play a game and have a conversation with a friend, let alone over the game itself.  Women actually tended to grow up loving rock and roll in the fifties, but then shifted to enjoying mainstream pop music because of its “popularity”, it allowed for the development of conversation because whatever the song was “in” at the time, was talked about by women and their groups.  Historically, women are more social then men, and the need to have a medium which facilitates the development of social settings is much more prevalent in women.  So, the “dudes” liked rock and roll, and the “ladies” liked pop, the “dudes” liked video games, and the “ladies” liked movies that often starred their favorite pop artists.

Also, because video games and rock and roll both grew up in the same era, competition between game making companies, and record companies grew on a similar scale.  Around the seventies, when rock really took off and had many sub genres, classic arcade games were also coming onto the scene, and different genres of games were beginning to develop.  The number of recording artists and the number of video games, both grew equally exponentially over the eighties and nineties.  Recording music became easier with the rise of technology, and making video games became easier for the same reason.  The growth of these two ,at first, seemingly unrelated topics, indicates why both are still so successful today.  With every day, new games hit the shelves of game stores and new rock records hit the shelves of record stores.  Both video games and rock and roll will continue to grow and evolve into the future.

– Ted Gargano


One thought on “Video Games vs. Rock and Roll?”

  1. I think we see more mainstream acceptance of games today across gender lines. However, it seems to me, based upon observing my teenage daughter, that my two boys are much more interested in the console games and my daughter is interested in myspace.

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