Videogames -> Movies

As a general rule, turning videogames into movies isn’t the best idea as most movies turn out horrid. One of my favorite quotes is from They write “Doing a top ten list of the best video game to motion picture translations is like doing a top ten on the most appealing types of cancer: even if you experience one of the “better” ones, you’re still going to experience some significant pain and discomfort.” Although true for the most part, I found a few of these vidoegame to movie translations quite enjoyable.

My first pick has to go to the Tomb Raider movies. I really enjoyed the action sequences and I didn’t think the plot was all that bad. Of course, I’ve never played the actual Tomb Raider games, which probably allowed me to enjoy the movie. In a close second is Mortal Kombat. I did play the MK games, but there never really seemed to be a plot so it was a lot easier to make one up. The action scenes and the cheesy lines are some of the best parts of this movie in my opinion. Although two of my favorite characters, Sub-Zero and Scorpion, made it into the movie, I was a little disappointed that Cyrex and Smoke weren’t included as they were my favorite characters. Third place has to be awarded to the Pokemon movies, which I’ve only seen parts of, but seemed very similar to the TV series. Yes, I’ve watched some of the Pokemon TV shows, and they weren’t half bad.

Although there are some good videogame to movie productions, I tend to avoid them. However, when a movie based on a game I really liked comes out, it’s often hard to resist (Who’s pumped for the Hitman movie?). I’ll end with a quote about the “Worst Videogame to Movie Production” as ranked by “Super Mario Brothers is kind of like Hell, except I’m pretty sure Hell has a better production designer.” – Chris Park


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