Spudmonkey’s take on: Uwe Boll

For anyone unfamiliar with the name Uwe Boll – consider yourselves lucky. Stop reading here. You’ll be better off in ignorant bliss. Alright, for those of you still with me, you know that Uwe Boll is possibly the worst director of all time. He’s also a pretty deplorable person (having literally set up and rigged boxing fights between himself and critics who trashed his movies). This man has single-handedly bastardized two video game franchises, both BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark, through his movies. Both were so unbelievably bad that they earned 4% and 1% on RottenTomatoes.com, respectively.

To be fair, it should be noted that the stories from both video game sources weren’t exactly amazing. However, they were compelling enough and they managed to culture a following in the gaming community that outright rejected the films after they hit screens. Boll destroyed that and managed to create two totally lifeless, failed blockbusters. It’s what was done with so many comic book characters in the movies recently (case in point: the Ghostrider and the Fantastic Four movies), but there’s no chance that it will end so long as some producer has the chance to gain some quick cash by whipping out a quick, poorly crafted film.

The reason I talk about all of these things is that I feel like the entities who own these video game properties should take a little more pride in their work, and not agree to outsource the creation of a film in their universe by some jackass director who has no intention of sticking to the heart and soul of the original intellectual property. As well as that, though, we as video gamers need to start demanding better story lines for our interactive fiction, so that the developers know that we do want those things. Bioshock is a recent example of a video game where the fiction and the universe surrounding the video game were amazingly well thought out. It received more perfect scores from all the respected reviewers than any other game of 2007. This is good, but if we are to continue experiencing great interactive storytelling, we need to keep this up and encourage the next great game (Mass Effect, maybe?) as much as possible.


2 thoughts on “Spudmonkey’s take on: Uwe Boll”

  1. What about Doom? The difficulty with a lot of these video game titles is that what makes them so much fun to play is the atmosphere and gameplay. Consider Half Life, Tomb Raider and Blood Rayne (ones I have first hand experience with). They look great, have well designed levels and are just plain good fun. But what they also have in common is a threadbare narrative. You could fit the script for each of the named games onto a beer mat. It’s not surprising that games like these almost invariably make dreadful movies.

    Just a general question – to what extent do you think professional writers are employed in creating video games? my shallow impression is that it can vary enormously. LoTRO would be one example of a game with what I would consider to be a vast narrative component. Not altogether surprising, given the source material.

    I was just thinking this morning that Joseph Conrad’s “Nostromo” would be a great setting for an MMO-RPG…

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