Naughty Naughty Naughty

    Of course we have entered into the debate of sex in video games. So I must compare sex and ethics. In the past they have walked hand in hand but when adding video games to the equation, a whole new can of worms has been opened. We can’t necessarily consider it ethical to introduce sex into video games. But why?

According to the ESA, “The average game player is 33 years old and has been playing games for 12 years.” If thirty three isn’t old enough to handle the maturities associated with sex, then I couldn’t tell you what is. However, it has more to do than with just exposure to a younger generation. Business wellbeing considerations take effect, and game companies begin to think about how a game will sell if they did decide to include sex in a particular game.

    The success of the game industry in the past, can be linked solely to arcade entertainment. The original video games were arcade games. The more recent games have evolved from their originals and have followed the general rule of “keeping it pg-13”. Although Ms. Pac Man may be considered the closest game to suggesting sex of the early games. After all, close to 90% of all original gamers were male. Aside from the sole exception, game companies now a days recognize that it is not only immoral and unethical to include sex in their games, but they also realize that the population of gamers would not attract to it.

    As games have been popularized in today’s culture and have been more widely accepted, they have attracted more women. A recent statistic from the ESA suggests that 38% of gamers are females. The female gender is naturally less attracted to sex than the male gender, and would probably frown upon the idea of sex in games. If game companies can only attract to 62% of the entire gamer population, and that is not considering the children that play games, then the company’s stock hold would decrease significantly.

    Sex should be something kept privately between two people or an occasional three. It should not be publicly flaunted, after all, what is the PDA law for anyways… to keep physical relations away from the public of course. Sex among humans has been and will always be a thing of privacy. There is little to no place for sex in video games it is just too naughty, naught, naughty.

Sex + Video games + Gamer Population = Bad

–Ted G


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