Three words: programmers, rape, children.

This, and other questions arise with the addition of sex to online narrative games. These games are rated T, which means that one doesn’t have to prove how old he is to buy the game. Children as young as eight play these games and live through their characters. The obvious fact is that parents want their children to know as little about sex as possible for as long as possible. So, one might ask, why not just make the games rated M and add the sex in? One website says that 25% of players who play MMORPGs are teenagers, and I know for a fact that a big corporation backing a video game does not want to miss out on that demographic.

There are several other problems besides children that arise when thinking of adding sex to online narrative games. First of all, some would argue, the narrative aspect of the game would be lost or skewed, such as the plot that would be off in The Lord of the Rings Online. Also, there would be problems among varying races mating in these online narrative games. Would characters get pregnant and have babies? Would you have the option of using birth control or a condom? Would characters only be able to mate with other characters, or would they be able also to have sex with NPCs as well? Who would control the spawn of two characters? Even if the game company defines and resolves these issues, there would be a big load on servers if thousands, possibly millions of people are making babies every couple of hours.

Also, religious issues might get in the way of sex in an online narrative game. If the game takes place in a fictional world, the religion is probably also unique. If the heros in online narratives are half as manly as they seem, they will want to have multiple mates, taking some in ways not sanctioned by the game creators. Skewing the minds of young kids to kill and steal cars (GTA) is one thing, but making them go out and rape, well doesn’t that cross the line a bit?

One final problem with the addition of sex to an online narrative is the problem involving the programmers of the game. I mean, you have to expect that half of these nerds wouldn’t understand fully the concept. Much research would have to be done, and I don’t think that the financial department of a corporation would be able to fund that type of research.

Why is there no sex in online video games? We don’t want to shape the minds of kids too much, now do we?


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