Spudmonkey’s take on: The Love Connection

Cybersex.  Gross?  Yeah, ew.  Inadequate?  I think so.  Okay, it’s obvious that these are just my personal sentiments.  Regardless, text-based sexual encounter happen every day on the interwebs, including in all MMOs.  Yeah, that’s what those people are doing in their private conversations that you’ve always wondered about.  But I mean, so what?  What some people do in private doesn’t affect anyone me or you, or the rest of the underage children playing these games.  And that’s exactly the point.

The reason that developers of games don’t add in Hot Coffee-esque sex game mechanics into their MMO’s is because they know the large range of age in the people they’re trying to market to.  These kinds of things would make sex much more public, much easier to find, in the games.  Most parents don’t want their kids running into people doing it in the Enchanted Forest in which they’re questing.  Much less do parents want their children actively participating in some form of virtual sex.  It wouldn’t even be educational… unless the lesson is learning the hard way to not talk to online sexual predators.

This all wouldn’t be a problem if game developers weren’t so concerned with the younger crowd getting into their games.  But that’s the problem, because anyone who wants to bankroll a MMO game wants to get the largest cash return possible.  Until we get a bold game publisher that’s willing to back an adult-themed MMO, we’re not going to be seeing people have anything but their sextapaces (text-based sexual escapades).


One thought on “Spudmonkey’s take on: The Love Connection”

  1. Personally, the thought of virtual sex is about as exciting as virtual pizza and virtual ice cream. As a famous man once said, “ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.”

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