Scuddamore…A Wuss? I think No. A Sensitive Hero? Yes, indeed

In the last class period there was a very lopsided question posed by Professor Clayton. “Give a character Scetch of Scuddamore in two sentences.” As a sensitive guy myself, i wrote down that he was lovestruck, and suffering form the pangs of being separated from his love. Not to mention that she was stolen from him. When Professer Clayton preferred to call him a “wuss,” I was shocked. We obviously had two different ideas of what a wuss was. So, this is the reason I have decided to write about my newly favorite character of the novel, Scuddamore.

At first glance, Scuddamore seems to be a “wimp,” or a “Wuss,” but after careful analysis, a reader will realize that there is an emotional depth to Scuddamore that makes him dynamic, while still maintaining his allegorical purpose. When we first Scuddamore, we see a man that is torn. He explains to Britomart that his lover was taken away from him. While he is crying, I doubt that any man would not be in this circumstance. He was left powerless, and unable to save the one he loves the most. Just the thought of Busirene tourturing the one he loves casues this cowering. So invested in his love, he himself cannot feel the tourture to his breast.

As britomart begins to talk to Scuddamore, she realizes that this fit of emotion is not just a wimpy cowering, “what wicked felon so
Hath outrag’d you, and thrald your gentle make?” This implies that Scuddamore was a gentle man normally, but under this certain circumstance, he seemed outraged with his helpessness.

In the next stanzas, he legitimizes himself to Britomart. Who is Scuddamore, a mere mortal, to fair against the faire “black magick” and evil gods who have taken his lover? How could he fight against the injustice of his current situation? this man only needed a spark, a small catalyst to snap out of his emotional rage, and turn to action. Britomart was that spark. With this newly found hero at his side, Scuddamore felt confident that he could take on the gods, and marched off toward the castle.

The climax of Scuddamore occurs at the entrance of the Busirene’s castle. In front of the castle,

“A flaming fire, ymixt with smouldry smoke,
And stinking Sulphure, that with griesly hate
And dreadfull horrour did all entraunce choke,
Enforced them their forward footing to reuoke.”

A fire stood against our two heroes. If Scuddamore was in fact a wimp, he would have cower in the face of such billows of flame. But Scuddamore actually attempts to walk through the fire, with no magic armor or destiny to protect him. Only when burnt heavily does Scuddamore realize that he cannot pass the wall of fire. Since Britomart successfully passed the wall, Scuddamore reasoned that his destiny was not to enter the castle. He cannot without dying himself. He has confidence in those around him to succeed.

There are many different types of heros in literature. The tragic hero, flawed hero, wronged hero, call them whatever you want. But Scuddamore is his own breed of hero, a sensitive hero. He uses his emotions to spark conviction wit ha little help from Britomart and tries as hard as he can to fix the situation.


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