“Chastity”: The state or quality of being pure

Throughout book III of Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene”, chastity takes name as being the dominant theme.  The “state or quality of being pure,” from history’s standpoint, is a quality that was seen as the most respectable that one could posses.  Especially in women, as one maintained her chastity, the more respect and dignity she had.

One of the most famous events in history involved the miracle birth of Jesus via the Virgin Mary.  What makes the event so spectacular and awe inspiring was Jesus’s conception, the lack of intercourse notwithstanding.  Mary’s insemination occurred through a miracle one that will live a certain mystery for eternity.  It was because of her impregnation following her chastity that makes this such a miracle.

The power of chastity is one that only the strongest self respecting of women can possess.  It is sought by all but achieved by few.  The quest to remain chaste serves for great story development, as seen in the birth of Jesus, and Spenser’s use in Book III of the Faerie Queen.  This is also seen in ancient Greek and Roman Mythology.  The bulk of these ancient classics, involve the extensive plot of a powerful warrior hero on a quest to save a city and fall in love along the way.  Oftentimes, the chastity of the desired maiden drives the quest hero to complete conquer his obstacles and seek the powerfully elusive purity that is on “the other side of the world.”  Vergil’s Aeneid and Iliad follow Aeneas on his quest to save Troy.  Aeneas encounters Dido, the queen of Carthage after his ships are driven miserably off course by the storms of the west wind.  He lands at Carthage, and Venus sees to it that he and Dido fall in love.  However, in an effort not to sidetrack even further, Jupiter reminds Aeneas of his tasks.  Aeneas leaves Carthage and Dido behind to save his city from the Greeks, and Always has his love on his mind while he meets his goals.  Odysseus and his Odyssey follow a similar lineage of events involving love and his life quest to save Greece from the Trojan’s.

What this shows is the potential for great literature in video games.  Although crossing paths with a recent discussion involving sex as a big “no no” in video games, for a more mature and intellectually developed audience now dominating the game market today, a clever twist on love and questing for the power of chastity are grounds for a very successful game indeed.

– Ted G.


2 thoughts on ““Chastity”: The state or quality of being pure”

  1. I am still skeptical that love can be the primary and central point that moves a video game forward. You just can’t experience it either vicariously or personally through an avatar.

  2. I’m with Ted on this one. I think questing for the power of chastity could provoke some interesting developments. The lack of storylines involving erotic content in most video games provides us with an occasion to create something unusual in the gaming arena. Xaviermorgan is right, of course, that one can’t experience love through an avatar. But one can certainly design quest sequences that raise fascinating questions about desire and its consequences.

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