New Respect for Game Design

Even only after talking about the way we are going to design a small module of Neverwinter Nights 2, I have a newfound respect for game designing. In designing a game, there is so much thought that has to been put into every aspect of the game including settings, instances and characters. And in particular, a MMO requires design implementation forhow different players play the game alongside one another.  It must take years of dedicated work and attention to detail for designers to create an expansive, yet comprehensive world that people are also interested in playing in. A decision has to be made for literally every unit of space within the virtual world.

But the part that truly amazes me is the fact that someone actually spends the time to develop the entire game engine itself. For our module design, we are only going to use the toolset that the game programmers created for the entire world. But someone spent the time to write the code describing not only everything we see within the game, but the format in which everything is created.

It is one thing to pick and choose from different articles of clothing and faces to create a character within a game. It is an entirely different and way more challenging task to design all of the different options for faces and pieces of clothing. The way in which the figures are designed must be written into a program that is capable of being used to design things the exact way designers envision them. In a way, the creators of the programs used for the interfacing and design of the
objects and settings should be given an equal amount of credit as the designers using their programs.
Even after all of the settings, objects and characters are created, the game is not nearly complete. Story arcs and quests must be then designed, but also interactions with objects and other players must be accounted
for. The popular games of today are great because of the investment users feel in their avatars, which results from seemingly limitless options of what to do with their character. And many games offer the ability to
perform the same task in many different ways. Animations must be designed and implemented for the many different ways that a player could possibly come up with. In this way, someone could take a screenshot of literally
any occurrence in any part of the gamespace. And that occurrence would have to have been written somewhere in the code of the game. That, to me, is amazing.

This being said, gamers will always figure out ways to outsmart the designers and come up with their own ideas of how to do a certain something. It’s all within the programmers code, but sometimes it takesmore than just creativity to bring out all the possibilities of an immersive game.



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