Carrion birds circle an intensely calm field, anticipating the carnage to come. Two opposing factions rush toward one another and, in calculated fury, let all of their enmity flow through their blades and into their opponents the HP bars. An epic clash for honor, glory, and leet gear leaves most in corpse form. Welcome to the Arathi Basin.

The player versus player feature of many online games has added SO MUCH to game experience and enjoyment as to form it’s own niche in the gaming culture. Specifically in the game World of Warcraft, with which I am most familiar and to which I alluded in the first paragraph, battlegrounds (bg’s) for PvP matches constitute a formidable amount of guild and economic activity on the servers. PvP adds a personal, spontaneous element absent in linear role-playing. So much does this competitive venue intrigue me that I find its trappings of more appeal than those of endgame raiding- supposedly the “point” of World of Warcraft. But bg’s are just so much fun!

First, there’s the skill element. Yea playing the game and leveling is fun- but what does level denote but how much time you have spent playing? Whereas in a battleground, all levels are relatively equal and players are forced to rely on skill and cunning alone. Strategy is also key—both in gearing yourself and allocation of people on the map. It’s a freakin’ battle simulator how awesome is that! I just can’t get enough PvP. I hop on my rogue and queue up; I don’t have to spend hours in an instance or grind mobs to level. I can farm honor kills by camping the graveyard ‘cuz mah gearz b 1337 >=D. And no matter how long I play or who I play with, I almost always have fun, and isn’t that the  whole aim of games? For me, the entire leveling and economic experience of my MMORPG serve only to complicate the puzzle that is my perfect twink (a player with optimized gear for a bracket) and the obstacles that I must overcome to enjoy him. Research even plays a pivotal role! Thottbot.com catalogues gear and drops in World of Warcraft, and I have spent hours perusing its entries to perfect my players. And improved loot in the latest patch just threw in a whole new twist! It’s amazing how something undoubtedly perceived as a side feature for a game has become my central focus and passion. I guess I get more satisfaction whuppin’ a real person (Alliance n00bs. . .) than some AI programmed mob in an instance.

Hours of epic battles with my closest friends are my fondest memories in video games, either sitting right next to my best friends Josh and Scott in their basement or  room or hundreds of miles away in separate dorm rooms, we can share this interactive competitive experience exactly the same. PvP FTW (for the win :P)

Westley Taylor 


Mah 1337 Twink 😛 



Author: MrFunktastik

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. -Oscar Wilde

One thought on “PvP!!!1!1!”

  1. “The player versus player feature of many online games has added SO MUCH to game experience and enjoyment as to form it’s own niche in the gaming culture.” — well said … this is a place people can go after the “grind” in addition for making the players feel a part of an elite circle — which unto itself makes one feel a deeper affinity for the game space and its associated narrative context.

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