Our Journey

I have learned quite the lot from this class: How we derive meaning from games, and how we can consider games as a respectable source of literature. How does technology play a role in the whole scheme and in our classroom? The link between games, literature, and technology that we have been uncovering all semester, is finally materializing as we near the course’s end.

In our most recent class discussion, it came to my attention that we, for the first time as a group, were expected to come together as a team. So began our journey to create what all of our studies had accumulated to, and were meant for. By first interpreting the Lord of the Rings, comparing the novel with the movie, then to the game, we learned to think about the true meaning of multimedia in today’s world. We were able to explore narrative across all forms of media, and to look at the future of literature and possible new media’s. Our exploration of immediation and remediation tought us about the possiblity of virtual reality. By knowing the trends of the gamming market of today we can predict what will be attractive to gamers in the future.

We have brought upon ourselves, the task to create our own gamspace. Studying Spenser’s The Faerie Queene, analyzing the characters within, and constructing a mental picture of the story’s setting, we have now begun to discuss the beginnings of the creation of Faerie Queene Online. Our most crucial discussion, our first, was deciding the general form of gameplay in our game. How will we allow the narrative to progress within the game. Because we are starting the game in book three of the story, there is already a developed narrative which we must unfold for the audience. Our biggest obstacle is to decide how unfold the narrative without retelling the entire story. We also had to think about what the questline would be within our game. For the first time in our class’s history, I felt that we had formed a unity when discussing our own game. We had taken all of the knowledge we had accumulated throughout the semester and put our thoughts together to form what I believe to be the foundation of something incredible. My hats off to professor Clayton and Hall for making it possible to instill what its like to think like a game producer in us as a group. In the three short months we have been together, we have gone from being the gamer, to being the interpreter, to the writer, to now the producer. Knowing all aspects of the game and its narrative, we can consider it from all of these aspects. This applies not only to the class but to life as a whole. By looking at a specific topic from all aspects, and considering different approaches to thinking, we will be able to uncover more than we will have ever dreamed.
-Ted G


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