Mixing of the Gaming Genres

As we enter the final stage of this class (and no doubt my favorite), I started thinking about designing other games. I’ve been a big gamer my whole life, and no matter what game I played I always felt like I could make it better. There were always a couple minor details that were always forgotten, and my ideal “most fun game of all time” hadn’t been designed yet. Unfortunately, I lacked the programming experience and the large funds to start up a gaming company. However, since I want to see this game created so badly, I’m about to show any game developers the formula for the perfect game and give them full license for it. Read on…

The first aspect of the game is that it must be massive multiplayer online (MMO). I feel this is really important, because how many single player games would NOT be better by adding a couple of your best buds? Of course PvP will be included, and excluded, depending on the server. The “tribes” will be split up into three different ones, with distinct advantages and disadvantages for each. The economy should also depend entirely on the players. Non-player character (NPC) merchants should only sell the absolute base items. Players must then craft the items and harvest their own resources and sell them on an auction house similar to WoW and LOTRO.

The second aspect of the game will be real-time combat. It is much more fun when the player is involved in the game moving around, dodging, shooting than if he or she is just sitting there mashing buttons 1-9. Even though combat is real-time, it should also be an RPG. It’s always better to give players something to work for that has a tangible reward rather than just having them become better at a game. Plus, it’s really no fun to have some n00b who has only been playing the game three seconds to come up and kill you in 1 hit because you weren’t paying attention. However, players won’t be forced into combat if they don’t want. There will be numerous crafting professions and even games (games unique to the world like Blitzball for Final Fantasy) that players can make quite a profit off of.

Third, insane amounts of customization. This includes everything from weapons and armor, to character creation, to vehicle creation, to house decorating. A large amount of customizable items will be included at launch, with extras added over time through patches. More importantly, the option for players to import their own content such as graphics for their armor should also be included. As for the setting of the game, it doesn’t really matter that much. Though if I had to pick with the games currently out right now, I’d go with the Roman era since a lot of people are still hyped about 300 and it hasn’t been done (or done well) thus far.

The final part, and possibly the most difficult to implement, is there should be a commander for each town/city in the game. This commander has an overhead view like many real-time strategy (RTS) games and is tasked with resource management, security, vendors, etc. for the town. He or she is also tasked with expanding the town and ensuring players actually want to live there. These commanders will also give players “suggested” orders when the time to battle comes.

This is my ideal game. It’s kind of a mix between City of Heroes/Villains, World of Warcraft, Spore, and Warzone 2100. That’s why I’ve decided to affectionately call it City of 2100 Warcraft Spores (name subject to change)

-Chris P


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