The Allegory of Chastity Continues…

If only I had leveled Toopac up to 30, I could be designing the forester from Faerie Queene. I guess it could be worse; I probably would’ve been assigned a chair in Castle Joyous if I were a really low level. Being a level, twenty-one, I got to pick the six knights of unchastity.

While not my first choice, I’m excited about the task ahead of designing the six knights of Malacaste. Since Malacaste is an allegory of unchastity, it would follow that her six knights would stand for unchaste qualities. The first of them, Gardante, is described as a “jolly” person, and of “comely view”. The second was bold Parlante, then Jocante, and Basciente. The last two are Bacchante and Noctante. These six nights of unchastity represent looking lustfully, talking of love, flirting, kissing, partying, and sex.

The benefit of not having to design a prominent character, such as Timias, Arthur, or Malacasta is that there is not a lot of narrative describing them. This leaves a good part of the designing up to my group, and gives us more freedom. I plan to incorporate the unchaste elements that each knight represents into designing them; after all, unchastity is the theme and overarching allegory of Book III. I want to do this by exaggerating specific features on each avatar. For example, Parlante, signifying talking of love, would have a large mouth; Gardante, representing looking lustfully, would have exaggerated eyes. The effect of this would be similar to that of Spenser alluding through allegory to the faults of being unchaste, and therefore would carry not only the theme of the book, but also the allegory of unchastity, into the remediated game version of Faerie Queene.



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