Let’s Make a Game of It

by Mtrain


You can probably understand my surprise when I found out I would be helping to make a video game this semester.  Let’s be honest, I’m an 18 year old kid with no prior experience in the field of MMO’s, let alone the field of designing them.  I’m not even that good at most of the video games that I did play prior to this class, barring a few exceptions.


Once I got used to the idea, however, it began to intrigue me.  Taking a story, even one as frustrating to get through as Spenser’s Faerie Queene, and making it into an interactive game world with all the design decisions on us, the class, is a pretty cool idea.  The fact that people elsewhere in the world (state of Tennessee, I’m not sure how far reaching the game will be) will play the game is even more exciting.  It kind of makes me wonder how the makers of games such as Fifa, Halo, Guitar Hero, or a favorite series of mine Need For Speed feel when they get the numbers on how many people have purchased and are currently playing a game they designed.  It must be pretty empowering to know that their product brings people so much enjoyment.


It’s a huge stretch to even hope our game will have the impact of the titles mentioned above or any other popular game, but it’s still pretty cool all the same.  Besides, its not like we had a multi million dollar budget to work with here…


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