Game v. Movie v. Novel

By: Lynne M.

I have been very impressed by how much LoTRO resembles both its relative book and movie. It feels great to be running around in this now seemingly real storybook world that I’ve read about and have seen portrayed in movies. I feel special, like I’ve been granted access to this world of illusions, and it’s my new playground.

The story, so far, in the game seems fairly accurate as to what I remember from the book. The only thing that to me doesn’t really relate are the side quests, i.e. killing so many animals for their pelts and destroying poisonous rose bushes. I’m not sure if those were put in to be entertaining or just a tedious task to earn a bit more silver and upgraded items.

I like the variations in graphics as we move from one version of the story to the next. The movie, obviously, has vivid, life-like images that beautifully and accurately portray the story in a well put together manner. The game’s graphics aren’t amazing, but they suffice and serve their purpose. I like the different races’ character portrayals a lot. Now that I am reading the novel for the second time and having played the game and watched the movie, I find that my mental images of Middle Earth have changed in a way that blends both the game’s graphics and the movie’s images.

The action in the game so far seems a bit different from that in the movie in and book. As I mentioned earlier, the side quests like killing animals make me feel like I’m just playing another MMORPG rather than a game based on an epic story. I hope as I progress in the game that the story-line will be more clearly related to the novel and movie so that I can “immerse” (note: useage of one of our class’s favorite words) myself in the tale.


One thought on “Game v. Movie v. Novel”

  1. I have always wondered about the structure of the kill quests. I sort of rationalize this way: There has to be some things going on outside of the main story line that is revealed to us in the books and movies.

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