Have it Your Way

By: Lee Jones

The Lord of the Rings has survived since the publication of the Hobbit in 1937. Since that first installment, the series has grown into one of the most adored fantasy series in history. The Lord of the Rings franchise has also grown with the help of the production of the movie trilogy. In 2007, Turbine released The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar. I have been playing this game, and the level to which Turbine reproduced Tolkien’s world has not ceased to amaze me. As a serious Tolkien fan, I did not expect to be impressed with the storyline elements of Lotro.

The movie also did not disappoint me. Peter Jackson, the director of the movie, stuck with the book on as much of the storyline as he possibly could, and left things out in such a way that the things could have happened without the camera actually showing it. I think that the game works with the movie to empower fans with the means to become fully immersed in Tolkien’s world. The fans can watch the movie to “live” with Frodo and the Fellowship, then they can play the game and “live” their own adventure that coincides with the movie, but also does not follow the exact story. The game’s story revolves around a character that the player creates and is influenced by the decisions that the player makes while playing the game. This combination could seem like a travesty to some, but I think that the fans should choose which one to partake of at any point in time.

Maybe Burger King was not talking about choosing between movies and video games and the different modes of telling stories that they take, but I think that their slogan of “Have it Your Way” really sums up my view of this choice. If movies bore you, but you love games, take the game. If games do not interest you, but you love epic movie that will take over three hours to watch, then take the movie. If, like me, you like both, take both and combine them to enrich your entire Lord of the Rings experience.


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