The Lord of the Kong and mighty Donkey Ring

by: Uhyeok Bang


“Lord of the Kong and Donkey Ring”that is what I thought of when I decided to try to find analogous characters in “Lord of the Rings” to Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. There are, I guess, many similar characters to Steve Wiebe, an obvious “good guy” in the movie “King of Kong: a fistful of quarters”, like Aragorn, Legolas and many others. However, when I was thinking of Billy, Sauron, the Dark Lord, came to my mind.


Why Sauron? First of all, both of them are (or were) the absolute rulers of their worlds; Sauron had an endless might that no one could stand against and Billy had been a champion of the game “Donkey Kong” for more than 20 years.


Secondly, they face strong opponents that put an end to their reigns. The Dark Lord faces an army of men and elves and, even though overwhelming them with his power, loses his precious ring and disappears from the land of Middle Earth. Billy faces the fiercest opponent ever, Steve Wiebe, who succeeds in breaking Billy’s World Record of “Donkey Kong”.


Finally, both Sauron and Billy had mighty items that could decide the fate of humanity: the One Ring and the “Copy” video tape. The Dark Lord crafted the mighty One Ring to rule over the World and he put all his might and evil into it. The ring remains as a main issue for humanity over thousands of years, even after a doom of Sauron. I clearly remember the scene where a video tape, sent by Billy Mitchell himself, was revealed to people after a triumphal performance of Steve Wiebe. The tape reminded me of the One ring, as people looked at the tape like they were facing a mighty item that could change the future of the universe.


Comparing characters of a famous novel and an interesting movie provided me and my mind a lot of pleasure. From now I happily proclaim Billy Mitchell as a Lord of Kong and his tape as a Donkey Ring. May God and angels bless their reign over the land of Middle Donkey Kong









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