The true King of Kong….

By: Derek S.

Neither Steve Wiebe nor Billy Mitchell is the King of Kong. However, they are both great heroes that undertake the same quest with the goal of finishing the quest before the other. Yet, neither one of them has completed this quest. Yes, one man did advance farther than the other, but the real King of Kong was not defeated. Of course I am talking about the one and only…

Donkey Kong.

The evil King Donkey Kong still holds the Princess captive. He still stands upon the highest-most platform, taunting and laughing at all who attempt to claim his throne. He is even so powerful that when a hero thinks he is about to defeat the evil king, the hero just falls over dead. King Kong’s deadly power has come to been known as the “Kill Screen.” With a power such as this, who In the world may hope to ever defeat King Kong?

Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell are the greatest heroes that ever took on this quest. They climbed more platforms and jumped over more barrels than anyone ever before. These acts earned them medals in the shape of numbers that the people referred to as a “Score.” Steve Wiebe tried valiantly but ended his campaign against the wicked King Kong with a score of 1,049,100. This was was much higher than any score that came before him. However, Billy Mitchell embarked on the same quest just 6 months later and scored 1,050,200. Billy Mitchell has come the closest to defeating King Kong, thus making him the greatest hero of all.

In the end, all great heroes fall. Even though some may advance farther than others, the fact still remains that nobody has ever defeated King Kong in his 27 years of his world domination. Who will be the great hero that finally relieves the free peoples of earth from his tyranny?


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