Being an elf-champion

By: Uhyeok Bang, October,3


In his novel J.R.R. Tolkien created a world of diversity, where not only humans live, but also elves, dwarves, orcs, hobbits and many other races coexist and interact with each other. Their various physical and spiritual abilities, cultures and histories make the novel even more entertaining. Diversity of Middle Earth, however, is limited by diversity of races: we do not see elves with giant axes or dwarf-bards in the novel. The difference between races is so rigid and obvious, that it hampers an emergence of original or extraordinary characters as a dwarf-bard or a hobbit-guardian.


The LoTRO game has the same background as the novel does, however, the game interface overcomes the limit of the novel and provides gamers a chance to be an original character that no one could hear of from Tolkien’s novel. The game provides various classes available for various races and even allows the gamers to play as an orc, goblin or other monstrosites. Playing an elf-champion or a hobbit-hunter we nurture our fantasies of unheard worlds and receive an enormous fun from the fact that I could be one and only character in Middle Earth.


In this world full of competition, originality makes you special. This is why the diversity, that LoTRO provides, makes the game even more special. Good job!



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