Hobbits are Moochers and Dwarves are Worse

By: Sam


Themostknownunknown was a lowly elf champion born into Rivendell. Eventually my character was allowed to expand his horizons, moving on into human realms in Duillond and Falathorn and beyond, however, many of the characters along the epic quest prologue were of elven descent. It was not until a quest sent the avatar into the Shire that he began integrating into the cultures of Middle Earth as a whole.

The fact that the hobbits around Hobbiton and the entire Shire were willing to offer an elf quests suggests racial acceptance in the community. One must wonder, however, if the quests were just given to the character so that the pests around the NPCs home would go away or so that the NPCs remedial tasks could be accomplished, because the same quests were offered to all races. With this in mind, there is still no guarantee of racial equality between elf and hobbit, although they do seem thankful after the quests completed for them. Dwarves on the other hand are very brusque and harsh towards my elven avatar. The brutes are constantly asking, “What I’m doing there?” or “What do I want?” when entering the dwarfish encampments. There is even a rogue group of Dourhand dwarves who my elven character had to fight at Haudh Lin.

Despite the fact that some of these races seem to not be on the best terms necessarily, there is still a theme of good versus evil. This ultimate quest to destroy evil allows for a sense of immediacy in the game as the player is focused on questing against the bad guys. It is interruptive, however, when certain races offer different treatment than others, as one does not know what to expect verbally from the looks of an NPC. Maybe immediacy is affected. It all depends on the gamers’ level of focus at the time…

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