Immersive Internet?

Stephenson describes a new form of the internet, the Metaverse, in his book Snow Crash. This Metaverse and it’s Street, which connects everything in the Metaverse, are the newest way for the cool kids to hang out and waste time. This world is totally customizable, within the standards of the few rules that the designers decided to put into place. The first settlers of this new world were the hackers, such as Hiro, who designed places for themselves to stay. Soon, however, everyone else started showing up. now the avatars range from the realistic to the “Brandys” and “Clints.”

The Metaverse is not so very futuristic. Most of the technology has already been invented, and the rest of it would not be difficult to invent. The market definitely exists. Think of all the people that spend so much time playing video games on the internet so they can escape this reality for a little while. Now imagine all of the people that would like to escape to a world that they have this much control over. The concept is astounding…

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