Evlaf Blackblade the Mighty

by Evan Schrager

Evlaf Blackblade decends from a long line of vicious and thrashing warriors. As a man of Bree, his name tells of his families’ history. His ancestors specialized in the use of blackened steel swords and offered complimentary training to their customers.

While Evlaf is not a master of Weaponsmithing, he has a keen hand and a keen eye with his hammer. His moderate skills in the craft serve him well on the battlefield, as his personally crafted weapons slice through Orcs with ease.

Evlaf has a grudge with the dwarves because at the young age of seven, he was kidnapped by them. He was held captive in the Mines of Moria for seventeen long days until he decided to fight his way out. It took him another two days to find his way, and he nearly perished in the darkness of the mines.

In his latter youth, he trained with the renowned Aragorn. Aragorn is said to have been the greatest wielder of the sword Middle Earth has ever seen. Evlaf shows true shades of Strider’s combat style, elegantly destroying enemies while greatly outnumbered.

His devotion and skill with the blade earned him respect in the Bree-Town Guard, where he spent most of his time, training with the men there. When the Knights of the White Stallion came to Bree form the south he approached them and offered his sword in hopes that they would take him with them to the white cities of the south.

He has aided them as an hounorary member and will go south with them once they return there to be knighted.

Evlaf is not fearless however- darkness spooks him to this day due to his hostage experience in his young age.


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