You May Be a Manly Man but I am a Manlingtin Man

By: Amir Aschner

Manlingtin is the youngest son in a very old family. He is the descendent of some of the greatest warriors in the land. All of his siblings and elders are champions or guardians that fight for the peace and prosperity of the race of men. He was raised with the expectation of following in that tradition of valor and combat. His name was even chosen for its implication of being masculine and strong: a name that would be feared throughout the land by his foes. In his youth Manlingtin was given the best of all worlds. He received the best physical and combat training from his family but also was allowed to explore the scholarly world because brawns without brains meant nothing. However, Manlingtin did not fit into the role his family had prepared him for. From a young age he always preferred his education over his training. His favorite activity was to read a book while sitting under the shade of a great oak tree.

Manlingtin got along well with people in his home city and was well liked but he always felt most comfortable in nature and indeed it seemed nature enjoyed his company as well. His best friends as a child were actually the wildlife around his home. Eventually, Manlingtin realized he had a gift no others in his family had: he could control and manipulate the environment and elements around him. Upon this realization Manlingtin decided to forgo the rest of his combat training and focus on his studies and honing his new skills. This did not go over well with the rest of his family. They believed he was betraying their history and disgracing their ancestors by choosing not to become a warrior. Due to the disagreement between himself and his family Manlingtin decided to depart on his own and find his destiny.

Now Manlingtin may be found wherever the need is great. He prefers to travel alone or in the company of nature and his wildlife familiars. He is not a traditional warrior like the rest of his kin but indeed his name is now one to be feared. For everyday he grows in strength and wisdom and becomes more like the elements he controls: as swift as the wind, powerful as the water, indomitable as the earth and dangerous as fire!


His name is Raadin

by Chris Bang, October 17


This is a biography of my character in LOTRO.


His name is Raadin. He is a half-elf, a son of a courageous human warrior and an elf. His parents had to leave the Mirkwood, for the love between humans and elves was prohibited. They abandoned the village of elves and went up to North to find a shelter. Raadin’s mother, having lost her eternal life after abandoning her people, died giving birth to Raadin. When Raadin turned six, his father took him back to the Mirkwood. The boy was accepted by the elders of the village and Raadin’s father, after he had given his sword to his son, left the village and never came back.


Raadin had a tough life in the village, as he was not an elf. He was a half-elf. Elves, who knew his origin, treated him as a monster and kids of his age, influenced by their parents, ignored him. From the young ages he had to hunt to survive. By his 18th birthday, he had become a strong warrior. He did not use a bow and preferred swords and daggers, for swords and skills of using swords were the only gifts from his lost father.


His primary objective is to be loved. He is searching for his father, who has been missing for many years, to once again feel love and care of his parents. He is also trying to become a hero to be recognized and accepted as a member of the village.


Raadin is a lonely warrior that seeks adventures. He always moves forward and never retreats. He is a lonely soul that is searching for a love.

Granduil’s Biography

By: Derek S.

This is my profile for my character in LOTRO, Granduil.

Granduil was born in the far away land known as Funspot. The region of Funspot has been taken over by the evil tyrant king, Donkey Kong. Granduil’s father raised him to be the great hero that would slay Donkey Kong. Granduil has great speed on land and is an avid acrobat due to his hurdle training. One day during Granduil’s eleventh Winter, Granduil’s uncle was killed by Donkey Kong. Granduil’s father travelled deep into the heart of Donkey Kong’s lair to seek revenge for his fallen brother. Granduil’s father was slain in the ensuing battle. Granduil was so grief-stricken that he ran away from his home in Funspot.

Granduil spent the next 3 years lost in the wilderness. He learned how to create weapons for himself using the natural materials around him. This period of solitude hardened Granduil’s body, mind, and heart. His body matured very quickly due to the harsh conditions he lived in. His mind was set on returning to Funspot one day to free his friends and family from Donky Kong’s reign. And Granduil’s heart was hardened by learning that he needed no one but himself to survive.

One day, Granduil stumbled across a grove full of adult, matriarchal bears guarding their cubs. The bears immediately noticed Granduil and charged at him. Granduil was overwhelmed and was on the verge of dying. Suddenly, a small group of elves emerged from the woods and saved Granduil. However, he was gravely injured and the elves were obliged to take Granduil back to their camp with them.

Granduil was constantly going in and out of consciousness, never being able to grab hold of the real world and stay there long enough to wake up. He awoke for the first time three weeks after the bear incident. The elves had done such a wonderful job of healing Granduil that no scars were left. Almost none, any ways. Over his heart, a scar had been left in the shape of a bear claw. The elves told Granduil the no matter what they did, they could not remove this scar. They believed that this scar blessed Granduil in some way, and was of a magic so great that they could do nothing to remove it.

Granduil spent the next 5 years with the elves, learning the arts of a warrior. He learned how to fight using his agility and strength to overpower his opponents. The elves were impressed with Granduil’s knowledge of metals and their properties, which he learned from his time of solitude. Granduil was a natural miner, so the elves taught him how to use the metals he collected to create his own swords.

Granduil also learned another important thing in the land of the elves. He learned how to love. Granduil had been dependant on himself for so long that he had forgotten what it was to love. After living for the elves for a few weeks, he met the elf young Arya. Her beauty made Granduil’s hardened heart melt like butter on a stove. He fell in love with her at first sight and spent the next several years trying to win her heart. Granduil’s resolve in this matter made him more attractive in Arya’s eyes.

By Granduil’s seventeenth Winter, he had decided that he had to leave the elvish camp to train more and have a chance of defeating King Donkey Kong. Because of this, he could wait no longer. He asked Arya to marry him. She agreed immediately and the wedding was carried out the next week. Granduil and Arya had a child one year later, a little girl that they named Elsa.

In Granduil’s nineteenth Summer, his mind and heart had returned to thought of home, and he knew he could wait no longer. He told Arya of his decision, and she understood completely. He packed his things and said good bye to the elves. He promised Arya and Elsa that he would return one day. After he defeated to evil tyrant of his homeland. Somehow, Arya knew that his promise would be fulfilled one day. This was when Granduil began his quest to become the greatest warrior ever. This is the quest he still continues today.

Daggaroth the Layer of Ladies!

By Justin “Jcov” Covington

This is the legend of Daggaroth, a mystical Lore Master in the Lord of the Rings Online. He is of the Race of Man, but his true originations are unknown. Some claim he is of a virgin birth, but many more believe has just always been. Daggaroth is not a master wizard; he learned magic on the side to pick up the Elven women. No, Daggaroth’s true strength lies in his choice of allies.

Bernstein the Bear is of course, a bear. A very large and intimidating bear to be completely honest. How does this make Daggaroth the hero you might ask? Well, is Bernstein the Bear the reigning world champion Hobbit punter? Has Bernstein the Bear scored with countless Elven queens, princesses, and other random beautiful Elven women? No, no he has not. Daggaroth is the brains. Bernstein the Bear needs Daggaroth. Without him Bernstein the Bear would be nothing, chopped liver! Daggaroth has slayed many dragons by telling Bernstein the Bear that he should probably go and attack those dragons.

Daggaroth’s dashing good looks and debonair ways strike deep into the hearts of Elven women, and his bear strikes deep into the faces of his enemies. He is a legend. Don’t believe me? Just as the women who he has laid in bed, or those unpleasants that he has fed…to his bear.

Portrait of a Dwarf

By Colin Doberstein


           This is a biography of Bamfi, my Dwarf minstrel in Lord of the Rings Online. This post is not written by a singing dwarf. It is being written by a committee of five manatees pushing glass balls with words on them. Admit it: you’re not a bit surprised.


            Any discussion of the Shadowhide dwarves of the Ered Mithrin must begin with their distinctively dark skin color (hence the name). Bamfi and his clan have long lived deep under the Grey Mountains, and while no conclusive answer to why their skin is almost pitch black has been reached, the amalgamation of rumor and legend says that the rocks which crowd so tightly around Shadowhide strongholds have begun to imprint their characteristics upon the dwarves themselves. While this may or may not be true, the Shadowhides have taken care to cultivate this rumor, leading to the misguided belief among some that they are actually made entirely from living stone. Were such a misguided traveler ever to come into contact with a Shadowhide dwarf, it is unlikely that the dwarf would care to dispel that notion.


            Bamfi himself left the tunnels deep under the Grey Mountains because of the declining strength of the Shadowhide clan in that area. Since the intense darkness that pervades most Shadowhide settlements has necessitated a system of coordinated sounds to communicate over long distances, Bamfi found himself already in possession of the basic skills of a minstrel. Being fairly gruff and solitary (standard for most dwarves), Bamfi has taken up the life of a wanderer, adventuring to increase his own power with the hope of increasing the prestige of the Shadowhide dwarves across Middle-Earth.  

Crazy Badass Midget

By: Dan Nockels

For my character bio for Ramboing my Hobbit Burglar I decided to write a short narrative piece. I like the idea showing people what Ramboing is like rather than just telling them. Needless to say I can’t include all of this in the measly 3 sentences allowed on LotRO there I will have to tell about him.  This story is from Ramboing’s perspective it is a little bit stream of consciousness and begins in a dream so without further ado Ramboing:

Heaven if one could ever be found. The Shire, I love it beyond measure there is no word to describe my devotion to it. The soft short lines of the hills described in front of verdant farmland. In those hills good houses, the only good house, and good folk, the only good folk. Good people who like good things, good things like this piece of hot flaky mushroom pie. Oh, how I adore the green dragon and this multihued brown masterpiece. Its almost a shame to eat it, but then again it is a shame not to as well. Who would ever leave this place, with its perfect food, perfect calm and perfect women? Oh and how perfect women, never has there been a muse so wondrous found in the entirety of Other Places that could match the most homely of Hobbit maidens. Not that there are many homely at all, most of them are shining goddesses and provoke thoughts, oh such thoughts, that they best go unmentioned. So much better than the Other women foul and sickening lot, distended, gangly, vile, EVIL.  And Other food, putrid filth, I would sooner eat good Shire dirt. Not that that’s necessary with this delicious piece of mushroom pie steaming right in front of me. Mmm lifting the folk to my mouth is a torturous wait. The anticipation is …


Wake up small one


The hard ground greets my arousal. The oaf wakens me. I can see him looking at me with his huge porous face and greasy hair and watery eyes the sight of him makes me run a hand over my dagger.




I am trying to be nice I really am, I try not to let on how disgusting and wrong he is. Big people all alike in their vile ways even this one who guides me to the real threat. Well, imminent threat anyway as long as big people exist the paradise of the Shire will never be safe. To protect the shire is the only reason to leave it. I love the shire. I give my life to it.


Over the ridge, orcs.


Others, the threat, they must be stopped before they can harm the Shire. I am up sprinting toward the ridge. I feel the connection of the earth to the Shire I am gone. I barely stir the wind as I approach. This is fitting for I am nothing. I don’t matter, except the protection I can give to the Shire. As nothing I approach the first orc, I can smell it, taste its Otherness. I don’t know how strong it is, I don’t care. It must be destroyed. Carefully aim as myself, as nothingness. Now I strike with the fury of heaven as the scion of the Shire. I can feel its putrid lifeblood spilling out and its strength ebbing. As it dies I can see home.


True Life: I Am an Elven Champion

By: Sam Fisher


This is my extended character bio for my character, themostknownunknown, on Lord of the Rings Online


TheMostKnownUnknown hails from Rivendell, and bears his flag with great pride. Raised in the elven city since his youth, this elven champion has dedicated a substantial amount of his life to discovering the crafts of swordsmanship and agility. Precise striking and quick successive blows have become some of his fortés.

Since birth, TheMostKnownUnknown has trained mercilessly. He reached the level of Apprentice of the Sword, after defeating a ring of opponents in a traditional elven rite of passage for fighters. Despite his success in this Gauntlet of Eromen, the elven champion still yearned to reach grandmaster status at blade wielding.

His journey began and spanned over a hundred years. TheMostKnownUnknown traveled deep into Lotholorien. He was given instructions to align himself with nature and fine tune his senses. After gaining superhuman reflexes, TheMostKnownUnknown passed through the Golden Wood traveling to the realm of men. At Rohan, he learned to participate human sword fighting technique developing many defensive maneuvers for combat. From there, Théoden, King of Rohan, gave him quests in order to test his metal. Collecting loot and enchanted weapons on his journeys into orc infested lands TheMostKnownUnknown began to gain prestige and good relations with the humans.

He also found a small stone that he calls Ferrado. This stone possessed magic power improving his vitality and never leaves his right pocket. He asked an elven mystic upon returning to Rivendell to find that the magic in the stone surpassed anything he had ever encountered.

Following in his father’s footsteps, TheMostKnownUnknown mines and crafts fine weapons. He remains a Journeyman crafter, but aspires to smelt fine swords with which he may cut through countless Orcs. Dual wielded swords will remain his mastery until the end of time.

TheMostKnownUnknown now maintains a foul view of the minions of Sauron. Sweeping the world of Middle Earth, he hopes to cleanse the lands of darkness. In his journeys he may restore the light that once shined centuries ago…