Another Elf Bio.

by Kyle Osborne

Here lies a brief account of Deuil sole survivor of The Brothers Five. Also known as my avatar in The Lord of the Rings Online:

One of five brothers, Deuil is an ancient elf born in the early days of Middle Earth.  In ages long past Deuil was known, along with his siblings, for his involvement in The Brothers Five. These five brothers were a powerful force and were well known in the early days of Middle Earth. In the defeat at first battle of Beleriand, Deuil witnessed the slaying of his four brothers, and the destruction of The Brothers Five. While his loss was great, Deuil survived to see the end of Morgoth’s reign.

After the loss of his brothers, Deuil laid down his bow and began to take an interest in the finer aspects of life. As the age passed Deuil developed a strong love for the wearing and crafting of jewelry as well a small interest in the preparation of foods.  While this time of artistic peace calmed Deuil’s spirit, he would later find purpose again in battle.

As war mounted against the Dark Lord Sauron, Deuil found need to march into battle once again. He fought valiantly in the battle of the last alliance, reminding all of his brotherhood’s prior accomplishments.  Even with the defeat of Sauron, Deuil knew that as long as the one ring was allowed to persist, war would come to Middle Earth. But as with all elves who share a love for peace, these thoughts faded as he returned to his simple pleasures.

Now as Deuil sees the events unfolding in Middle Earth just as they did in each previous age. He has makes his decision, it is once again time to loose his bow against the fires of Mordor and the tower of Angband.


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