Cuteface’s Bio

By: Lynne M. aka Cuteface

Daughter of a non-wed, non-elvish, non-loving couple hailing from Ered Luin, Cuteface has always had to fend for herself, despite her innate helplessness and traditional gender role.  At first alone, she ventured through the woods and developed hunting skills by tracking and attacked animals.  In her twenties, she met a wise mentor named Helpface who helped her further develop her non-traditional skills.

Helpface trained her in how to better use weapons against enemies and how to create clothes from animal hides.  A very important part of Helpface’s training is that no part of any slain animal shall be left without use.  Therefore, Cuteface is clever in coming up with uses for every part of every slain beast. She has perfected the art of seasoning and roasting all animal organs to an edible state and using their hides to make beautiful clothing.

Cuteface has found it difficult to have her hunting talents taken seriously when identifying herself by her name, so she is sometimes simply called The Greatest Female Hunter Ever.

Currently, Cuteface is currently a nomad travelling through Middle-Earth, remarking at its wonders and making friends and foes within the cities she comes across. She often spends free time in taverns due to her social nature.  Sometimes she spends too much time in taverns, as she frequently finds herself raucously dancing upon the tables.

Cuteface’s life purpose is to have as many adventures as possible and to enjoy every minute of every single day.


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