Daggaroth the Layer of Ladies!

By Justin “Jcov” Covington

This is the legend of Daggaroth, a mystical Lore Master in the Lord of the Rings Online. He is of the Race of Man, but his true originations are unknown. Some claim he is of a virgin birth, but many more believe has just always been. Daggaroth is not a master wizard; he learned magic on the side to pick up the Elven women. No, Daggaroth’s true strength lies in his choice of allies.

Bernstein the Bear is of course, a bear. A very large and intimidating bear to be completely honest. How does this make Daggaroth the hero you might ask? Well, is Bernstein the Bear the reigning world champion Hobbit punter? Has Bernstein the Bear scored with countless Elven queens, princesses, and other random beautiful Elven women? No, no he has not. Daggaroth is the brains. Bernstein the Bear needs Daggaroth. Without him Bernstein the Bear would be nothing, chopped liver! Daggaroth has slayed many dragons by telling Bernstein the Bear that he should probably go and attack those dragons.

Daggaroth’s dashing good looks and debonair ways strike deep into the hearts of Elven women, and his bear strikes deep into the faces of his enemies. He is a legend. Don’t believe me? Just as the women who he has laid in bed, or those unpleasants that he has fed…to his bear.


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