Granduil’s Biography

By: Derek S.

This is my profile for my character in LOTRO, Granduil.

Granduil was born in the far away land known as Funspot. The region of Funspot has been taken over by the evil tyrant king, Donkey Kong. Granduil’s father raised him to be the great hero that would slay Donkey Kong. Granduil has great speed on land and is an avid acrobat due to his hurdle training. One day during Granduil’s eleventh Winter, Granduil’s uncle was killed by Donkey Kong. Granduil’s father travelled deep into the heart of Donkey Kong’s lair to seek revenge for his fallen brother. Granduil’s father was slain in the ensuing battle. Granduil was so grief-stricken that he ran away from his home in Funspot.

Granduil spent the next 3 years lost in the wilderness. He learned how to create weapons for himself using the natural materials around him. This period of solitude hardened Granduil’s body, mind, and heart. His body matured very quickly due to the harsh conditions he lived in. His mind was set on returning to Funspot one day to free his friends and family from Donky Kong’s reign. And Granduil’s heart was hardened by learning that he needed no one but himself to survive.

One day, Granduil stumbled across a grove full of adult, matriarchal bears guarding their cubs. The bears immediately noticed Granduil and charged at him. Granduil was overwhelmed and was on the verge of dying. Suddenly, a small group of elves emerged from the woods and saved Granduil. However, he was gravely injured and the elves were obliged to take Granduil back to their camp with them.

Granduil was constantly going in and out of consciousness, never being able to grab hold of the real world and stay there long enough to wake up. He awoke for the first time three weeks after the bear incident. The elves had done such a wonderful job of healing Granduil that no scars were left. Almost none, any ways. Over his heart, a scar had been left in the shape of a bear claw. The elves told Granduil the no matter what they did, they could not remove this scar. They believed that this scar blessed Granduil in some way, and was of a magic so great that they could do nothing to remove it.

Granduil spent the next 5 years with the elves, learning the arts of a warrior. He learned how to fight using his agility and strength to overpower his opponents. The elves were impressed with Granduil’s knowledge of metals and their properties, which he learned from his time of solitude. Granduil was a natural miner, so the elves taught him how to use the metals he collected to create his own swords.

Granduil also learned another important thing in the land of the elves. He learned how to love. Granduil had been dependant on himself for so long that he had forgotten what it was to love. After living for the elves for a few weeks, he met the elf young Arya. Her beauty made Granduil’s hardened heart melt like butter on a stove. He fell in love with her at first sight and spent the next several years trying to win her heart. Granduil’s resolve in this matter made him more attractive in Arya’s eyes.

By Granduil’s seventeenth Winter, he had decided that he had to leave the elvish camp to train more and have a chance of defeating King Donkey Kong. Because of this, he could wait no longer. He asked Arya to marry him. She agreed immediately and the wedding was carried out the next week. Granduil and Arya had a child one year later, a little girl that they named Elsa.

In Granduil’s nineteenth Summer, his mind and heart had returned to thought of home, and he knew he could wait no longer. He told Arya of his decision, and she understood completely. He packed his things and said good bye to the elves. He promised Arya and Elsa that he would return one day. After he defeated to evil tyrant of his homeland. Somehow, Arya knew that his promise would be fulfilled one day. This was when Granduil began his quest to become the greatest warrior ever. This is the quest he still continues today.

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