His name is Raadin

by Chris Bang, October 17


This is a biography of my character in LOTRO.


His name is Raadin. He is a half-elf, a son of a courageous human warrior and an elf. His parents had to leave the Mirkwood, for the love between humans and elves was prohibited. They abandoned the village of elves and went up to North to find a shelter. Raadin’s mother, having lost her eternal life after abandoning her people, died giving birth to Raadin. When Raadin turned six, his father took him back to the Mirkwood. The boy was accepted by the elders of the village and Raadin’s father, after he had given his sword to his son, left the village and never came back.


Raadin had a tough life in the village, as he was not an elf. He was a half-elf. Elves, who knew his origin, treated him as a monster and kids of his age, influenced by their parents, ignored him. From the young ages he had to hunt to survive. By his 18th birthday, he had become a strong warrior. He did not use a bow and preferred swords and daggers, for swords and skills of using swords were the only gifts from his lost father.


His primary objective is to be loved. He is searching for his father, who has been missing for many years, to once again feel love and care of his parents. He is also trying to become a hero to be recognized and accepted as a member of the village.


Raadin is a lonely warrior that seeks adventures. He always moves forward and never retreats. He is a lonely soul that is searching for a love.


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