Jumbuck McBrain, Terrorizer of Bears

By Justin G.

Well, let’s see where this goes…

Jumbuck McBrain of Archet began using bows at age two.  His father, Nicko McBrain, a local drunkard, made him a crude bow out of a thorny stick and fishing wire (Nicko said the thorns would build up callouses, and therefore character).  Jumbuck took to the bow quickly, showing great talent and skill at a young age.  He began to travel out into the wilderness to hunt animals at age five.  He quickly passed his inept father as the main provider for the household.

However, Jumbuck’s one fear was bears.  He could kill most anything else: giant spiders, warthogs, wolves, kittens, puppies… but bears were his one weakness.  He tried a few times, but realized that the bears were only enraged by these projectiles penetrating their skin.  He gave up trying after getting a rather large (and rather badass) scar across his right cheek.

Ever since, he has harbored a great loathing for all bears.

As he grew up, he began carrying a large dagger specifically to practice close-combat techniques on bears.  One of his best-known feats is repeatedly stabbing a bear in the face to kill it.  He and the bear kept circling each other, Jumbuck repeatedly dodging the bear’s paw-strikes and responding with dagger-strikes.  Eventually, the bear could take no more of the pain in his terrible face and turned to leave, when Jumbuck quickly nocked an arrow and shot him in the back.  Jumbuck keeps the head with multiple holes in it as a souvenir to this day.

An entirely self-trained hunter, Jumbuck’s form is not perfect.  But he is renowned in Bree-Land as one of the best bowmen despite his lack of formal training.  He is a shrewd and cunning foe in close combat, able to use not just his dagger but various traps and diversions, and of course his bow.

In his free time Jumbuck enjoys visiting taverns, drinking in the corner by himself, smoking pipes, looking menacing, and writing third-person biographies of himself.  He is also an amateur clarinetist and lutenist.


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