So, uh, who’s that Elf dude over there ?

~ By Jim B. on 10/16/08

Oh goodness, a character biography. Here goes. . . o_o;

For best results, it is suggested that the following text be read by an eccentric British man of venerable age.

In the midst of these troubled times, the good people of Middle-Earth (as well as the bad) have witnessed the arrival of a mysterious character. An elf from the wilds of Mirkwood they call him, though none in these lands knows his true origin.

He introduces himself as Carrelo, and travels from town to town, creating memories with which to weave his story. Carrelo takes great pride in his mastery of several languages and enjoys forging friendships with all sorts of other adventurers.

Upon arriving in Middle-Earth, Carrelo spent time with the Elves of Mirkwood, learning of their culture and sharing many of their sentiments towards the state of affairs in this world. It was here that he first took up the bow and became a Hunter. During his exploration of other lands, Carrelo had mastered many skills that those in Middle-Earth might fear him for; it was for this reason that he decided to begin learning a new art.

Carrelo’s greatest friend and ally is his brother Hores, a powerful slayer of wyrms and master of the polearm. The brothers’ tactics and teamwork are second to none, and, although Carrelo has ventured away into Middle-Earth, the two maintain a near daily correspondence.

Carrelo has always practiced the trade of woodworking; he enjoys its simplicity as a way to relax after an adventure, as well as a means to fund his future travels. What does the future hold for this hero ? People are already talking of his deeds – we can only expect to hear more as time goes on.


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