The Mysterious Azureskye of Rivendell

By: Max Mam

Every person has a past. It makes them who they are and dictates why they do the things they do. By providing a back story on a character, a player can experience a fuller role-playing experience. Here follows the background of Azureskye, the female elf I play as in LOTRO.

Born in Rivendell to a noble line of Elves, Azureskye knew well the taste of good wine and flavorful food. There was a part of her, however, that longed for something more. All her life she had her needs attended to by servants day and night. What she longed for was adventure and danger. And so under cover of darkness one evening, Azureskye made her sudden and unprompted departure, alone.

What awaited her in the wilderness did not scare her; she knew very well the dangers and hardships she would face away from civilization. But she was prepared. With a strong heart and will and a steady bow arm, she conquered the elements of nature and made her place wandering through fierce woodlands across Middle-Earth.

It was not hard for her to leave. She had no one to say farewell to. Though the male elves expressed deep interest in her due to her sharp wit and deep mystery, her fierce independence and mistrust of others never allowed her to become close to anyone. She had only herself to rely on, and that is how she liked it. Without friends, no one would let her down. And she knew she would never let herself down either. Wandering through Middle-Earth, Azureskye found the happiness within her that she could never have found in Rivendell. Only by relying on herself could she truly feel fulfilled and free.

Her survival skills, sharpened as they are now, did not develop overnight. Prior to her quick exodus, she made extensive use of Rivendell’s massive collection of books. Through her research she learned the concepts of how to survive in the wilderness, what to eat, how to hunt, and where to sleep. Armed with that knowledge she was ready to leave and test her skills against the elements. The first few weeks were harsh. The skills she possessed were easy to learn, but difficult to master. Intelligence and aptitude, however, were two of Azureskye’s strongest points. So, within just a few months, legends spread of the grace of Azureskye’s arrows.


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