You May Be a Manly Man but I am a Manlingtin Man

By: Amir Aschner

Manlingtin is the youngest son in a very old family. He is the descendent of some of the greatest warriors in the land. All of his siblings and elders are champions or guardians that fight for the peace and prosperity of the race of men. He was raised with the expectation of following in that tradition of valor and combat. His name was even chosen for its implication of being masculine and strong: a name that would be feared throughout the land by his foes. In his youth Manlingtin was given the best of all worlds. He received the best physical and combat training from his family but also was allowed to explore the scholarly world because brawns without brains meant nothing. However, Manlingtin did not fit into the role his family had prepared him for. From a young age he always preferred his education over his training. His favorite activity was to read a book while sitting under the shade of a great oak tree.

Manlingtin got along well with people in his home city and was well liked but he always felt most comfortable in nature and indeed it seemed nature enjoyed his company as well. His best friends as a child were actually the wildlife around his home. Eventually, Manlingtin realized he had a gift no others in his family had: he could control and manipulate the environment and elements around him. Upon this realization Manlingtin decided to forgo the rest of his combat training and focus on his studies and honing his new skills. This did not go over well with the rest of his family. They believed he was betraying their history and disgracing their ancestors by choosing not to become a warrior. Due to the disagreement between himself and his family Manlingtin decided to depart on his own and find his destiny.

Now Manlingtin may be found wherever the need is great. He prefers to travel alone or in the company of nature and his wildlife familiars. He is not a traditional warrior like the rest of his kin but indeed his name is now one to be feared. For everyday he grows in strength and wisdom and becomes more like the elements he controls: as swift as the wind, powerful as the water, indomitable as the earth and dangerous as fire!


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