Corporate Ownership…..the hypermediacy of LOTRO.

By: Derek S.

Corporate ownership of a MMO does affect the quality of a narrative experience. In my opinion, a great MMO is one that draws you into the story and gets you immersed in the narrative. By having a corporation “own” a game and feel free to change things as they wish, my personal narrative experience is hindered. The corporate ownership is a constant reminder that what I am doing in the game is nothing more than just a game on a computer screen. This is not what I enjoy as a gamer.

Furthermore, my personal narrative experience is affected when a corporation decides to change an aspect of the game. When the “owners” of “Star Wars: Galaxies” changed the format of the game, the players lost all the evidence of their hard work and time spent in the game. This interrupted many peoples experience so much that the players left the game completely. The game was just no longer fun to them because their story had been demolished.


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